Denterus traces its roots to two successful doctors and a noted business professor.  Together they set out to discover how better quality, at more attractive prices,  can be offered to partial, full, and implant supported denture patients while improving value to existing dental practices.  Prompted by tremendous patient growth in this segment, they recognized that despite massive need most dental practices were overlooking its potential because they didn’t know how or couldn’t dedicate time to serve it appropriately.  Innovating the ‘clinic within a clinic’ model (now simply the Denterus approach)  they launched their first prototype in one of their own practices.

The results far exceeded what they imagined.  No longer did patients have to choose between quality, cost, and looking great. Gone, too, were the headaches of dedicating time to multiple fittings, coordinating with distant labs that don’t know the patients, trying to figure out how to increase patient flow without sacrificing other parts of the practice, and not having onsite expertise to handle repairs and service. This system resonated so well a second location in a different city was quickly launched – with similar results.  Today, featuring Denterus is available to forward thinking, existing practices nearly nationwide.

Designed for Dentists, by Dentists. The Denterus system provides doctors the value they desire and patients the quality and prices they deserve.

If you’d like to see if featuring Denterus is right for you, we’d love to talk.

All the best,

Sterling L. Rogers, DDS
R. Michael Bull, DDS