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Designed for dentists by dentists to help improve patient care and enhance practice vitality

When you host Denterus in your practice you unlock tremendous hidden potential for patients and yourself.

We turn something many Doctors dislike, are uncomfortable with, or avoid doing – in one of the most robust patient growth trends – into a dynamic opportunity for new patient and support services growth. It’s like adding several hundred horsepower to your practice – without having to buy a new car (or spending even a penny). Take part in the next generation of dentistry – now. Here are some ways Denterus can be extremely valuable to your practice.

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  • We pay you for the work you do.

    No new employees, expensive start-up training, or equipment to purchase. We handle all of this.

  • Gain additional marketing visibility

    Free up time and resources to improve patient care, increase needed patient procedures related to a partial, full, or implant supported denture, and can enhance practice profitability.

denterus ease of integration

Increased patient flow, improved production, and serving a vital need in your community – all from your existing practice without making any new purchases.

These are just a few of the reasons why the Denterus system is so attractive to forward thinking practices.

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Pariodontistis, general degradation, and accident cases of all ages.

The American Academy of Periodontology estimates that 47.2 percent, or 64.7 million American adults over age 30, have mild, moderate or severe periodontitis, the more advanced form of periodontal disease. Add general degradation and accident cases and most Americans will need a partial, full, or implant supported denture in their lifetime. The Denterus system allows your practice to reach its next level by efficiently serving this need without adding new staff, costly training, or purchasing new equipment.

Men & Women 55+

About 70% of those 55+ will need a partial, full, or implant supported denture in their lifetime.  This is among the fastest growing patient segments in America.  The Denterus system allows existing practices to unlock hidden potential by providing these patients dedicated care at attractive prices.

Improved well-being cases

Many people simply don’t like the way their smile looks, feels, or functions.  Beyond physical limitations this has implications for other areas of their lives.  Studies in noted outlets like Psychology Today highlight that frequent smiling influence a number of life well-being and relationship factors – clearly it is ‘much more than just a smile’ to those you serve.  The Denterus system allows patients to get the smile and function they desire at attractive prices.  This is great for patients and great for the practices that serve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The professionals Denterus employs go through rigorous training to meet high standards of technical expertise and effective clinical care. They not only understand what it takes to deliver a great quality denture, but they are selectively hired for their service orientation and skill with patients. Additionally, Denterus consistently conducts random quality checks (with the date and cases unknown to staff) to make sure our high standards are met.

We’ve seen two main impacts on practices. First, patient flow tends to increase leading not only to many more denture cases but also services to support placing a denture. Second, the overall practice can run more effectively as functions like scheduling, making investments, and patient experience tend to become top of mind to accommodate more patients. This can lead to greater overall efficiency and the benefits that come with them. Our experience is the impact on a practice is tremendously positive.

enterus works best when there is at least one chair primarily dedicated to servicing denture patients (including new cases, relines, and repairs). This allows the practice to schedule all other general dentistry care in the other chairs without scheduling conflicts – optimizing the practice’s time and space.

Usually no extra staff is needed. Denterus provides the Denterus Pro. Fielding phone calls and scheduling are typically handled just fine by existing front desk staff. Denterus can also provide remote training to staff to help them feel completely comfortable with the process. In some cases demand for the service has been so strong that adding additional front desk support was helpful (not a bad ‘problem’ to have).

Our experience is demand for these procedures tends to grow – not decline. You are the doctor and make the treatment recommendation. For some, a denture is most appropriate. For others, an implant supported denture better fits their lifestyle and desires. In either case, our commitment is to help drive awareness to your practice and effectively support the denture component of the recommended treatment.

This is a really good question. Many doctors avoid dentures altogether because of the time and effort they require – often taking away from other parts of the practice where the doctor’s time is better spent. Yet, there are few dental procedures more in demand. Denterus was developed by Dentists, for Dentists with this challenge in mind: How can forward thinking practices meet the large demand for this service without hurting other parts of the practice? The model we innovated does just this; we help you to work smarter so you can benefit from effectively servicing this need without taking away valuable time and resources from other areas of your practice. Think of it as multiplying your time rather than dividing it – similar to having the benefit of 1.5 practices per location, but the cost and workload of only 1. In an environment of rapid corporate and chain dentistry expansion, Denterus can be the boost many doctors need to provide these patients great care, at great prices in the comfort of a practice they know and trust. It’s what patients repeatedly tell us they want – will you be the one to give it to them?

There is no upfront cost. As fellow doctors, our goal is to use models and approaches that are as attractive as possible to the doctor. Our interest is a longer-term, mutually beneficial relationship. For forward thinking practices we believe the Denterus system can provide exactly this.

Yes. We want you to be comfortable with what featuring Denterus entails and are happy to talk through these details with you. Before selecting a practice to feature Denterus, one of the managing partners (Dr. Rogers, Dr. Bull, or Dr. Hunsaker) will spend time with you directly to ensure a good fit.

The next step is to fill out the contact form and have us give you a call. We look forward to hearing from you.